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3191737, SAPS Institution code 23972
39 Haasbroek Road, Grootvaly SH, Springs , Gauteng 1559, South Africa
39 Haasbroek Road, Grootvaly SH, Springs , Gauteng 1559, South Africa
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Beymer Investments (Pty) Ltd, t/a Beymer Security Alliance, (BSA) is a security Services Provider founded in 2019 by owner Clinton Merber.

Upon his return to South Africa, after working in the Security Industry abroad, he found a significant gap in the market for the skills that he and his associates had acquired.


With the escalating rate of crime in the country, Clinton felt that he could utilise these skills and create a Security company. Identifying areas of high risk in South Africa, he decided to implement the invaluable experience that he had garnered abroad, and thus, Beymer Investments (Pty) Ltd was created.

BSA works with many clients, ranging from private residents to high-profile businesses. Our current client base consists of the following:


  • Transport and logistics companies
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centres
  • Residential Complexes
  • Shopping Centres
  • Various non-profit organisations that supply medicines to the SADEK regions




BSA has a comprehensive understanding of all security aspects and solutions. We have acquired this

Through site surveys and a hands-on approach, along with a host of experiences over many years.

We exude confidence in our clients as our management team has vast experience both abroad in high Risk and highly volatile arenas, including the South African Police Force and the South African Defence Force.

We deliver service that integrates our workforce and advanced technologies with efficacy and efficiency.

We pride ourselves on successful service agreements that have been built on trust. We have a proven track record in the industry and continue to pursue a record of service and solution excellence with our clients.

With diligence, motivation, and a vested interest in our clients’ security, we are dedicated to assuring a firm sense of security irrespective of the nature of our service offered.




BSA’s vision is to be a market leader in the Security Industry in South Africa and to grow, develop and innovate our business constantly.

We aim to provide security with cutting-edge protection and prevent the loss of lives and possessions. With our integrated approach to planning and providing Security and Safety to our

clients and their assets, we endeavour to relieve our clients of their security concerns. This enables them to enjoy a carefree life, feeling protected and secure.

Our customers’ wish is our command. Understanding the gravity of security, we leave no stone unturned in fulfilling our commitments. We achieve total asset protection through our

specific programmed approach.




Our mission is to provide the highest quality of a complete security solution unfailingly.

We continuously set new goals to reach greater levels of success and achievement.

We provide ongoing support and assist our clients in all aspects of their security needs. Feeling a sense of safety is priceless. It is our responsibility to assure you hereof.




The foundation of our values is based on four pillars, namely, integrity, professionalism, service, and quality. We build positive relationships with our clients through proven ability and open communication. We strive to develop our workforce and foster a happy and challenging working environment, keeping them up to date with new developments in the industry.

We aim to always accommodate and fulfil our clients’ needs within a reasonable time frame, meet their budget, and provide service to the agreed standards. Maintaining our standard and our reputation is of extreme importance to us. It is the springboard to ongoing growth and development.

Through state-of-the-art systems, we are dedicated to long-term relationships with our clients.

Our developmental goals are to achieve steady expansion and gain repeat loyal clientele and word-of-mouth referrals Taking care of our client’s safety and security equates to taking care of their lives.

We run safety awareness programs for schools.




BSA’s service portfolio is extensive and includes, but is not limited to:


  • Armed and Un- Armed Escort Services of high-value Cargo
  • Static Guarding Services
  • Armed and Un-Armed residential and commercial Security
  • Closed Protection services for individuals and groups or delegations
  • Surveillance of assets and property
  • Airport Transfers and escorting from Hotel to Hotel
  • Property and personal security threat assessment
  • Amongst many other security services.




At BSA, we are committed to the development of a sustainable future. We are charting a course to provide actionable solutions that tackle the sustainability challenges of today while also looking ahead toward the obstacles that may be present tomorrow.

In doing so, we are committed to not merely focusing on paying clients but the community at large. We oversee the safety and security of various high-risk areas at no charge.

We work closely with Non-Profit Organisations as our expression of gratitude to our valued clients’ loyal support and custom.




Security services may seem detached from the world of recycling and eco-friendliness. However, the two can work in harmony as we do at BSA.

We are forever mindful of reducing our carbon footprint. Keeping on top of our environmental impact is, of course, a day-to-day activity. Our working environment keeps on top of our power usage and carbon footprint with the simple measures of turning off unnecessary lights and keeping office temperatures at an optimum level.

We ensure that our surveillance equipment complies with environmental guidelines for electrical equipment.

We dispose of old electronic security equipment in an environmentally friendly manner.


39 Haasbroek Road, Grootvaly S.H, Springs

076 470 0153

064 510 5895

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948 984 2196

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482 030 4535

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