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390 Louis Botha Avenue, Maryvale, Sandton , Sandton, Gauteng 2192, South Africa
390 Louis Botha Avenue, Maryvale, Sandton , Sandton, Gauteng 2192, South Africa
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Strike and Riot Protection
From a seemingly normal working condition, a volatile and
hostile environment can be created literally overnight. Our
seasoned Strike / riot Protection teams can be deployed at
short notice to diffuse such destructive elements in your
organisation. We believe prevention is better than cure. Our
personnel are trained in crowd / riot control and do not use
unnecessary force but rather exercise the method of show of
force and controlled dominance.

Surveillance Vehicles & Armed Escorts
It is imperative for companies to make use of trustworthy private security companies to provide armed escorts and surveillance vehicles for peace of mind whilst high value cargo is
being transported. The weakest chain between two points is
in the transport phase. Surveillance vehicles can also be used
for employees and or delegates who work late and require
safety whilst driving home and thereby preventing the possibility of hijacking, stalking or smash‐and‐grab.

VIP Protection
We would like to offer our clients a very personal and ease
experience when hiring our V I P and Chauffeured protectors.
Our experience and hands on approach makes this experience for our clients very satisfying and safe. We believe in the
importance of briefings, executing proper planning before
commencement of projection as well as continuous communication with the client and appointees during projects.
Chauffeured drivers trained to provide comprehensive thorough protection during travelling whom will remain with the
vehicles at all times. Government officials, business persons,
celebrities and private individuals

Lock up services
This service we provide is for the risky hours when opening or closing your business premises as an owner, manger or appointed
staff member. We have seen most business premises being
robbed by organised crime reliant on inside information. We provide a specialised protection officer whom is well trained and
communicated and become a dependable part of your business.
Our officers are in constant communication with our control room
as well as external back so appointed. This services can be provided to the following business: Warehouses, business premises and
restaurants. Our services are not limited to and can be provided for
any risky situations with a short notice. We are of course people safety orientated then goods and structures as our protection services rendered.

Event Protection
Protass will consult and provide the necessary protection
personnel and logistics for your event, this will eliminate /
minimise the occurrence of incidents. Protass will endeavour
to provide a well organised event, while securing and maintaining your professional appearance and image.

Static Security
To address the requirement / vacuum in the market for Professional Residential and Corporate safety, the High‐end
Static Security was started within Protass. To this end we successfully service and maintain our Client base with High‐end
Protection Officers whom are supported by Professional Management, training and Supervision with extensive expertise of
meeting the Client’s needs.

Protass specialises in monitoring of client’s property / interests. Whether constant tracking is being done or when a client’s business is unprotected, offsite camera monitoring will
be implemented and monitored. We supply a Public relation
function for all our clients.

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